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Lean-to conservatories offer homes a fantastically versatile sunroom option. You can benefit from a practical and functional space that enhances your home.

Enjoy sunny days in your new conservatory, overlooking your garden. Our lean-to conservatories are one of the most adaptable options around for your home improvements and can create a functional room in even the most awkward of spaces.


Victorian conservatories are a popular home improvement. The Thermal Glazing range of Victorian conservatories offer excellent energy efficiency and style, giving you the best of everything.

Our Victorian conservatories suit any style of property, making them a versatile choice that will enhance the aesthetics of your Kingsbury home. They are a cost effective alternative to brick extensions, adding space and value to your property.


Edwardian conservatories offer so many benefits to your home. The Thermal Glazing Edwardian conservatory is a high performance and low maintenance home improvement that will provide you with practical additional living space.

An Edwardian conservatory will truly provide the most functional additional room for your Kingsbury home that combines the beauty, light and airiness of a conservatory with the extra space of an extension.


P-Shaped conservatories create a stunning home improvement for your property. With Thermal Glazing , you will benefit from a stylish and practical additional space that offers multi-functional living.

The P-Shaped conservatory is created from a combination of our lean-to conservatories and our Victorian conservatories to provide a space that can be used for several purposes at once.


Bespoke conservatories are perfect for your home improvements when you want a living space that is a little unusual in some way.

Thermal Glazing have an expert team of designers who can work with you to create your dream bespoke conservatory that completely meets your every requirement and complements your Kingsbury home.

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