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Thermal Glazing are pleased to be able to offer superb composite doors to homes. Our fantastic composite doors offer exceptional security and performance combined with sublime appearances.

Your home will be enhanced in a variety of ways by our fantastic composite doors, from looks to efficiency. Our range of composite doors make brilliant front doors and back doors for your Kingsbury home.


You can enhance your home with a new uPVC door. These delightful double glazed doors create a fantastic front door or back door.

Thermal Glazing are proud to offer a wide variety of fantastic designs, so that you can create the perfect finish for your property. Your residential doors will give you a refreshed and welcoming entrance to your property.

All this comes with excellent energy efficiency and supreme security, giving you uPVC doors that not only look great, but are also high performance.


Enrich your home with our beautiful uPVC patio doors. These stylish doors offer panoramic views and a high standard of performance across the board.

Every inline sliding door in our range is bespoke to you, fabricated to fit the space that you have. You can be sure that these wonderful patio doors will provide you with many years of outstanding operation.

French Doors

Our high-quality uPVC French doors are available. You’ll be able to enjoy a home improvement addition that combines a beautifully cultural character whilst maintaining a high standard performance.

Excelling in thermal efficiency, security and durability, the French door design is guaranteed to increase the comfort of your home, whilst simultaneously securing your home against intruders with a high standard of crime prevention.

Allowing for a spacious feel, our French doors from Profile 22 stylishly enhance the natural light of any room in which they are installed, whilst simultaneously offering a highly practical and spacious opening, ensuring maximum accessibility.


Our high-quality uPVC bi-fold doors are available for all homes. Available to use as both interior and exterior doors, they are incredibly versatile and well suited to both modern or traditional homes.

Excelling in thermal efficiency, durability and security, the innovative uPVC profile from Profile 22 achieves outstanding levels of product quality. This guarantees that our bi-fold doors will be a worthwhile addition to any property.

The exceptional standards of energy management available through this fantastic door design allows you to experience not only a warmer home, but also reduced heating bills. Enjoy doors that offer more, with Thermal Glazing.

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